SEQUENTIAL DUET • Single Channel Video, 2010 • 5.1 Sound • Running Time 10:18
Laurel MacDonald • Director/Videographer/Editor/Composer
Johanna Bergfelt & Sean Ling • Dancers/Choreographers

Inspired by the iconic nineteenth century motion studies of Eadweard Muybridge, Sequential Duet is an experimental video created using sequences of thousands of individual digital still photographs. It is a kinetic portrait of an isolated woman and man - but this is isolation intertwined with unknowable intimacy. With an original score composed by the director, a recognized film composer and performing musician, and featuring two of Canada’s finest contemporary dancers, Sequential Duet is a study in shimmering sound, momentum and physicality, emotion and the human psyche, shadow and light.


The Artist Project, Toronto, 2011 (Untapped Competition Selection)
Loikka tanssielokuvafestivaali (Loikka Dance Film Festival), Helsinki, 2011
Festival International de Vidéo Danse de Bourgogne, Chalon sur Saône, 2011
Moves International Festival of Movement on Screen, Liverpool, 2011